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The primary purpose of using anabolic steroids is to increase the cellular tissue of the body, specifically in the muscles.  During this process your body will increase the protein content which will lead to an increased level of muscle mass.  When steroids are used in conjunction with a diet plan and regular high intensity workouts, you will increase your muscle and strength levels.  You will also notice that your endurance, speed and stamina have also increased during this time.  This is what makes steroids so popular among athletes who are looking to gain an edge over their competition. 

First introduced in the 1930’s, anabolic steroids have also been shown to be an effective treatment for those who suffer from cancer and AIDS.  It is also an effective treatment for patients who have lost a dramatic amount of muscle mass due to illness.  In addition to the many health benefits associated with anabolic steroids, they have also been proven to be an effective choice for those whose primary intention is to increase muscle mass.

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